An Estate Sale Transformation

It was a bargain and rightly so since it wasn’t in the best of condition.  The shape of the table top and the legs intrigued me and the price was impossible to resist!  Missing veneer?  No problem!

pretty rough

such pretty legs

uh oh!

Yep, pretty intimidating.  Have no fear, we’ve done this a few times before!  (And we are getting pretty darn good at it if I say so myself~)

and voila!

Much better, don’t you think? ~SOLD~

A brand new vendor with HUGE talent!

Introducing our newest vendor, Fern.  She seeks out and hand paints vintage furniture with a fresh new finish and great graphics!


Love the end table with the giraffe top!

Harlequin design with fleur de lis! ~SOLD~

A closeup of the top of the little table below.

This sweet little thing has SOLD-thank you!

A silvery desk with glass knobs-yum! ~SOLD~

And just for kicks, a zebra nightstand!! ~SOLD~

WELCOME Fern – can’t wait to see you create next!!