to keep lots of new things on the blog is my “resolution” this year.  Lots of our customers are interested to know if we have a website and this is the best I can do at the moment.  Feel free to call or email if something interests you!

This dresser is new today and looks just as beautiful!. ~SOLD~

This Duncan Phyffe table is still looking for a new home! ~SOLD~

Filling the corner left by the secretary that has gone to a new home. ~ SOLD ~

Changed out the display in here when we moved it from the entry way to the living room.

A pretty blue sofa table now in the entry way. ~SOLD~

Have a great week and we shall see you soon we hope!

A belated Welcome to our newest vendor – Miss Addie!!

We are a little late mentioning it but we have a new vendor and she’s a terrific addition to the shop!  In a small space upstairs, she’s loaded it with treasure and graciously shares her decorating talents with us throughout the store!  Here’s just a taste:

A lovely collection

Look closely at that darling bird plate!

Did you see the tiny lyre player?

Come and see all our new things before they are gone!

Some new tablescapes

Love it when the gals have been decorating and I walk into a fresh new space!  Lots of springs and lots of St. Valentine’s colors in at the moment-we’ve sold a bunch, too, but there is still a lot to choose from and new things arrive all the time.

A new look on the mantle

A terrific Spring wreath on the table

Some sweet St. Valentines items ~ cabinet SOLD ~

We love all of the holidays!

A new post for the new year!

Or so I thought until I realized that the camera batteries were in need of a charge-or a change-the charge doesn’t seem to be holding long!

I took some pics with the iPhone (that thing I love and hate all at the same time but we won’t go into the lack of service again here…… much!) that have weird lighting issues but I hope you get the drift.

Happy New Year by the way-ours is starting out very well.

~ SOLD ~


~ SOLD ~

Okay, you get the idea-not nearly as fussy as at Christmas – a LOT of things have sold AND we will be restocking soon – at least as soon as the weather lets us paint!!

Hope to see you soon!!