** Smart Shopper Magazine Offer **

We are trying something new this quarter with Smart Shopper magazine – we will offer discounts available by reading our blog only.  Check back frequently because these will be spur-of- the-moment ideas, nothing will be planned. They will be of short duration and you just need to mention that you saw it online to receive it!

October 1 – October 8

All mirrors and pictures will be 20% off throughout the shop

This offer does not apply to already discounted pieces.

Be sure to come in early for the best selection!

The Birds

have flown into the shop again in time for Halloween!  They land anywhere it suits them it seems.

This fine fellow prefers the mantel and there are ravens everywhere!

Someone must have left the cage door open

or forgot to fasten it securely!

And now they are on the loose !

From the buffet

to the built in china cupboard

they have taken over the shop!

We are so very happy that they aren’t noisy or messy!

Another Gorgeous Black Desk!

A very nice piece by Dixie, the lines and condition were pretty good to begin with…add a fresh coat of paint and it jumps into the 21st century with another 40 or 50 years of service in her.  Still amazes me just how  good quality vintage French Provincial pieces are made timeless by a makeover!

Love the original hardware! ~ SOLD ~

and I am willing to bet that once in a new home, the desktop will be called in to use for more than just 5 items – LOL!

Cute phone, huh?

We are always on the lookout for pieces of this caliber-have a great week!

It’s the first day of school

and it’s a bit overcast and dark and there have been sprinkles off and on.  I hope that makes it easier for kids who have had a gorgeous August at home here in Oregon!  Makes it hard for those of us who were counting on painting furniture outside today.  Take a break, hubby!

We worked on several pieces over the weekend but I only had one completely done to bring into the shop today.  Here it is:

Great size to tuck in lots of places

Funny story about how it came to be ours.  You could call it serendipity and the hubby and I chuckled when the previous owner used that word in our conversation.  We didn’t find anything at the garage sale next door to her but her dog initiated our conversation and she invited us to return in a couple of weeks for her sale.  Meanwhile I had scoped out the pile of treasure in her garage and mentioned my interest.  At her invitation we inspected the interesting legs peeking out of one stack and voila!  It was ours.

great details


a darling shaped top

stole my heart.  A few minor repairs, fresh paint and a bit of sanding renewed the beauty of this piece and now it can be yours!

Have a great week and enjoy the new school year, kiddos (and parents!)!!

Goodness, Summer is almost over!

A very quick summer here at the shop and at home.  The weather has been peculiar to say the least but better here than in most of the rest of the country.  Suddenly we find ourselves face to face with Labor Day weekend and the start of a new school year in just a few days!

Everyone have a safe weekend!

Take a needed holiday American workers!  We appreciate you!!