Take a close look at the pieces shown here….

except for the one that isn’t in this snippet of a picture, they all have one thing in common……..a green tag.

For all our faithful blog readers, you have first notification that there is a big sale at Serendipity starting NOW.  We are most happy to welcome our two new partners – Laurel and Sophia!

They need to have space to move in and there are things here that need a new home so Estelle, Rosie and I are clearing out to make space!

Better come see what we have marked down as soon as possible and be prepared for our version of a yard sale on Saturday if the weather permits!!!!

Those in the know are aware that a sale at Serendipity is a rare event so take advantage of an extra one this year and look for those GREEN tags for big discounts!

New Looks in the Store!

First thing to greet me this morning was this fabulous table in the midst of a gorgeous vignette!  (Sold – thank you!)

a beautiful ornate base and check out the accessories!

and  in our most favorite RED:

just beautiful! ~SOLD~

Click to enlarge each picture-and enjoy your week!!!!

Remember when …….

I mentioned Estelle might paint this?

Well, it looks like this now:

Nice change, huh?  Just one of the ways we help to reduce, reuse and recycle for Mother Earth.

UPDATE: This lovely piece has already found a new home!

Time has flown…..

but new things are still coming in thanks to additional partners in the shop!  Estelle and I have been working hard at an out-of-town Estate Sale that was very successful.  As anyone who does this type sale knows they can be VERY time consuming and this one was VERY time consuming!  We also had fun and we worked with the nicest lady (niece of the owner).

I digress, new things have arrived and the shop is looking good.  Thank you to Sophia and Laurel for all your hard work!  As always, click for larger views.

overall view

eat in front of the television elegantly

gorgeous color and style! - Sold!

antique charm - Sold!

always elegant black-Sold!

one of a kind style-Sold!

childsize charm

spring sweetness

Happy Mid April, everyone!

Getting Ready for Spring and Planting??

This brand new potting bench has been lovingly handcrafted by Laurel’s hubby from reclaimed wood.  He has sold many of them in the past and is happy to provide us with some.  All are one of a kind and can be sealed or painted to fit into your landscape!

Such a clever way to add storage and charm to the piece.  Best of all, the back can be removed for transportation very easily – two screws!