Laurel’s back and she’s brought COOL stuff!

For instance – one piece of a 3 piece set:

an Oriental armoire from the 1920's

Not shown are the matching vanity, stool and twin bed set.


How’s this for an awesome garden house?


looking up

 And it all comes apart easily with a wrench (and a handsome husband!).


Welcome back, Laurel – we’ve missed you!!!

What to do with something this tattered?

My long suffering hubby just shook his head when I asked him to please hold this while I shopped.  He questioned me as to what I was planning on doing with it (I don’t sew or recover shades) and did I think I really needed it (a resounding YES) and how long did he have to hang on to it before it could be safely stowed in the car (his most pressing concern!).

falling apart

It is really VERY large – 21″ from top to bottom and 59″ around those scalloped edges.  Could I resist that crown on top (NO!)?  How about the scalloped edges and wonderful trim (NO!)?

lacy crown and trimmed scallops

And how the heck was I going to display it in the shop (not)?  Offered on Etsy instead for a lucky new owner to fall in love with and cherish forever – along with other treasures !  (Could you have passed it by?)

UPDATE:  Thank goodness for an overseas buyer willing to purchase this large shade.  After doing rate research for her, I realized it is a WAY oversize package and would cost more than $100 to ship parcel post in the US!  Now available ONLY in the shop!

Missed St. Paddy’s day – sorry!

Not having a drop of Irish in my blood, I am sorry to say that St. Patrick’s Day has all but passed me by,  though I did think to wear a little green in case anyone is feeling pinchy!  Hubby has corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot, I do believe,  but he’s not Irish either-we just like it.

 Spring fever, on the other hand, is upon us and we love this time of year because we love…..bunnies,  chicks,  flowers, sunshine,  vintage post cards,  etc.  You get the picture, right?  If not, here are some we are happy to share!

a cabinet full of Easter


And a handsome (and heavy!) concrete bunny and barrow!


I know some of you are still dealing with winter weather and that our balmy temperatures are bringing spring to the Pacific Northwest a little quicker so I am not trying to make you wistful with this post but…..all those years I lived in Alaska, March was the hardest month for some reason for me to survive.

I empathize completely.  Darkness, cold, people with cabin fever, etc.  Nothing has changed for them but it has for me and I am excited that signs of Spring abound!!! Daffodils, trees in bloom, sweaters and not coats – you get the picture.   I hope Spring arrives for all of us very soon.

This bird lantern or candle cover or whatever its proper name might be chirps SPRING to me today!  Available in our Etsy if you are finding it irresistible too!

From Hallmark vintage 1970