A Quick Little Makeover

This little table has terrific lines but I have never been fond of these done in a brown finish.  So I think a little makeover is in order.



Here it is primed and painted but I think it is still a little blah.



So here it is slightly distressed with the cute little carvings accented.   (Updated May 12, 2011. Noticed the pictures were gone from the post.  Sorry-all I could find were these way back in the recycle bin.  It was very cute distressed!)




Much fresher and cleaner dontcha think?  Outside of waiting for primer and paint to dry (not long these days!) I think I spent about 2 hours total on the project from sanding to distressing.

Have a great weekend!  ~S~

UPDATE:  Found a new home at the coast with some lovely folks this past Wednesday.  Thank you again for all your purchases!


Ever notice how colors set the room’s “temperature”?  I do more and more while browsing and tidying in the shop.


Sweet, cool little table in a calm setting.  UPDATE:  Found a new home-thank you!


Vibrant red desk and chair that feel so much more warm.  UPDATE:  The chair has gone to a new home and the desk is still being admired!  Thank you for your purchase!

Thank you, Mr. K, for the air conditioning  keeping the shop at a lovely, cool 70 degrees on this day that is forecast to reach 106 – almost unheard of in the Pacific NW!  ~S~

It must be the unseasonable heat……

because I am one cranky camper today and although the store is air-conditioned and very cool, my temper and blood pressure seem to have risen along with the outside temperature!

I am almost to the breaking (the contract) point with my cell phone carrier.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my iPhone but the service stinks and the reception is poor.  I only changed from my previous provider because they weren't able to provide good reception up in Bonney Lake Washington where my kids were living until recently.  They graciously admitted the problem and waived the fee to break the contract.  (Did I mention I miss them and the huge team as my provider?)

The kids are home now and I find myself in a Catch 22 situation and I am sure I am NOT the only one.  Numerous calls to my cell phone with a recorded message to call back.  When I call back (twice now) they cannot talk to me because I am not the account owner-my son is at this point. When asked why they call me there is not a good reason is given – my phone number comes first (?) numerically perhaps, but without his name and last four of his SSN they cannot discuss it with me.  Remove me from the list – not without his name and last four of his SSN.  See a pattern here?? 

I am not in the habit of calling numbers and imparting information upon their request-after all I was called, I did NOT call them.  From what I can determine by googling the number it is either a scam or a legitimate call from this cell phone giant (?) according to which entry in the complaint log you read.  So what gives with that?  A scam or not a scam??????

Son got a terse message from me this morning after I spoke with "Kyle Collier" whose ears are probably singed at the moment.  He will be making the call to hopefully get ME off their list.  I am NOT apologizing for having my life interrupted repeatedly especially when I am UNHAPPY with the service to begin with.  He did make the call to them the first time and apparently they didn't take him seriously because they have called me repeatedly in the last few days AGAIN and I have tried to ignore them.

And that brings me to the second cranky complaint – What gives with the National Do NOT Call list-it doesn't seem to work without continually filling out forms which means you have to talk with whoever calls whenever they call whyever they call to have the information to fill out the form for the US Government.  Good idea – no teeth!

I know these are petty complaints in the big scheme of things and I am really trying to let go of them now that I have shared. Adding insult to injury, I just got a call with the Caller ID "0" so the iPhone is turned off although I pay a pretty penney to possess the darn thing.  Call me at the shop kids!

Have a terrific day everyone and stay cool if you are having a heat wave! ~S~

The MOST Beautiful Dresser….

or is it a chest of drawers, I don’t think I know the exact difference come to think of it.  But I digress – just look at this!


Can you imagine the treasures you can tuck away behind all those drawers and those two tiny cabinet doors?  The detail is exquisite and Sophia has outdone herself this time!


The top section


The center section


Look at that!


The bottom section


The leg and wheel

Sigh…..how beautiful!  I just listed it on Craigslist – we’ll see how long it lasts in the shop!! ~S~

P.S. Technically this is a chest of drawers since it is taller and does not have a mirror – sorry!!

UPDATE:  This beautiful piece has found a new home! Thank you to two brand new customers who also took home several other pieces.

Vintage California French Provincial Furnishings

A lucky find at a local shop, these two pieces of vintage (1966) French Provincial style furniture are very sturdy and were a joy to work with!  Unlike some less expensive knock offs with plastic fronts and pressboard sides, these were the “real” thing!

They sanded and cleaned up quite nicely and quickly and it was fun to find their signature marks and the date stenciled behind the mirror in the vanity/desk combination.  The stool was an additional bonus that I haven’t seen before either.

Originally from Morris of California in the Coquette line I present:


The desk/vanity combination with matching stool

and the matching 6 drawer dresser!


Both are freshly repainted in a creamy white and both retain their original handles.  Love those curvy lines and all the extra details!  Perfect for either a younger or older Princess, don’t you think? ~S~

UPDATE:  So glad to have these pictures, the set has gone to a new home and I hope they make their new owner very happy!

Love this New (To Us) Dining Room Set


Miss Rosie had a heck of a time with the repaint (I told her to use tinted primer – don’t tell her I wrote this!) but didn’t it turn out beautifully??

This set was actually in her hubbie’s family for decades before being handed down to them and has served all of them well.  Now with the new paint and seat coverings it is ready to serve new owners as well!

And the table has a secret…..a butterfly leaf that tucks neatly inside when not in use (I have the leaves to my dining room table in a closet; they are heavy and a pain) and easily springs into action when called upon!

Love the shorter sides too!

The front of the set – one side raised ~


Check out the chair backs ~ they are so pretty!


If I don’t make it back by then – Have a great 4th of July and Happy Birthday America!!!! ~S~

UPDATE: Could have sold this 3 times within 5 minutes!  Such an unusual find for us-sigh………