Goodness! Where to Begin? The month

has simply flown by and here it is just one week from July 4th!  We’ve been very busy in the shop and our “off” hours are spent gathering and refurbishing it seems!  The results are worth it because we are now selling almost everything within a day or two (sometimes an hour or two) of when we bring it in.

Throw in a last minute trip to Bonney Lake, WA to move our son’s household home to Salem (HOORAY!), a brief visit to Sunriver for some “down time”, hubbie’s birthday and Father’s Day and now I see where the month has gone…….for this partner at least!

I had planned on pictures of new things this afternoon but 90% of it has already found a new home-hooray!!

Let me take a quick look around and see if there is something interesting left for you to see………perhaps, but with all the large pieces moving out today and crowded surfaces on what is left, I think I will leave picture taking to another day.


But this is cute!!! ~S~

Overlooking the obvious ~

Estelle had mentioned previously this piece of furniture she had recently purchased and was painting, getting it ready to come into the shop.  It arrived on one of my days off so when I spotted it this morning, I was impressed with its compact size and its ability to showcase a bunch of treasures!  They look right at home on the new black paint and this piece fits our little odd shaped corner perfectly (there is a vent that extends from the wall behind it).


It wasn’t until she called me a bit ago that I remembered the piece of furniture she had purchased – a gun cabinet.  She had a vision and this is the result.  What a transformation!!!!! ~S~

UPDATE: I think I sold this the very next day after this post to the nicest (and most decisive) guy along with 5 other pieces of black furniture – new digs!

The Prettiest Little Gift Boxes Ever……

We have a brand new vendor in the shop and she has brought us the prettiest little giftboxes I have seen.  Each is handcrafted and exquisite!

Her own personal bog is located here and we are very h appy to welcome Kelleigh to our midst!!

Below are some examples:


Love the little purses!

Love the little purses!


If you are in need of a darling way to wrap a small gift or giftcard, do think of us.  Prices are most reasonable – $1.50 to $5.00 for a set of three!