Oohlala – the Chandelier Lamp!!

I am positive there is a nicer name for this type lamp but until Lula comes in to tell me what it is I am not remembering it.  (In other words, the brain has f…rozen – grammas cannot use the other word in polite company I am told!)

Back to the gorgeous lamp ~ very nice to gaze at across the rooms – five bulbs definitely add cheer to a gloomy day  here in Oregon and the crystals catch the little light available nicely!  Sweet little thing can’t be much more than 18″ tall.  What a treasure – and Estelle has only $149 on it.


Sweet, huh?!?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  Kiss your sweethearts and hold them closely!

A pat on the back to me – when is the last time I had this many posts in ONE week???  LOL!!!! ~S~

Introducing Miss Tula-Mae …..

who has the wasp waist figure I have never ever had!  Luckily she can be adjusted to fit almost any lady should you actually want to use her.   I think she is gorgeous in the altogether accented with sparkling rhinestones!  A brown cloth covered body on an iron stand with wooden casters.  Very nice condition – made by The New York Dress Form Company.


The full length view …


Closeup of the iron base:


And she can be yours for only $149 (plus shipping, of course – determined by your zip code).

UPDATE:  Miss Tula-Mae has a new home.  Thank you for your purchase!!

Bracelet – $35   Necklace – $39   Both are unsigned but very lovely!!

Just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to invoice you through Paypal. ~S~

Grandma Sadie had visitors in the store yesterday …..

including Miss Sweetpea here who learned to walk last month and went straight from a step or three to running!!  If her mama hadn’t already lost all her baby weight, this would do it!!  Miss Busy located something just her size in the kitchen and had to try it out!


Oooh, what’s that?


Let’s just clear that off and try it on for size!


Yep – just my size – too bad, cow!!

She loved the pretties and all the lights and grandma, of course!  Unsolicited baby kisses in multiples are wonderful – sigh!!!!!    ~S~