It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here …….


I absolutely loathe running into Christmas in September or even August – there, I’ve said it out loud! 

Because we are a retail store of sorts I shouldn’t feel that way, but we deal in vintage and we like Christmas to be special and not planned for a year in advance.  I suppose we are more spontaneous and certainly can’t anticipate what we will find in the coming year to share with our customers. 


My point is that we are beginning to decorate the store and will do it in layers.



(According to what we unpack is what layer we will be on – LOL!)


 Today’s layer included this little vintage fellow in his Santa hat complete with candy cane.



Our kitchen tree and how did all those strings of lights die since last year?  Next layer – lights – to arrive shortly from one of those other stores-provided they are still in stock!  Wait, we only need a power strip to complete this one – thank goodness!!


I do love Christmas and the reason we celebrate, but for Pete’s sake it isn’t Thanksgiving yet.  ~S~

It is ALL in the details – A most special birthday gift!!

My beloved granddaughter celebrates her first birthday this coming Friday, November 14th, and my good friend and pal has created the most beautiful Fairy slipper! Any girl would love to have a similar one.  The details are exquisite-the hand cut glass glittered letter N rests on a tiny golden nest fashioned from antique tinsel and the tiniest of golden birds lays claim to the lovely nest.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Miss Karen !!

I intend to construct a shadow box to contain this fragile beauty and tuck in a love note to little Miss Natalie.  I hope she will treasure this all of her life and perhaps pass it down to her granddaughter.

111108  In its entirety


The exquisite letter N


  Thank you again, Karen!    xoxoxox    ~S~