More New Views in the Store!

Here are a few more new views in the store-enjoy!




Before I forget-for our customers who follow our blog-our first store wide sale is this weekend, just in time for Leap Year.  Everything not already reduced is 20% off the original price.  Just as Leap Year comes once every fours years, this sale will also be every four years-a rare event.  Please visit if you are in the neighborhood!  ~S~


Sorry – I forgot this part.

You Make My Day Award" works like this: 1. Write a post with links to 5
blogs that make me think and/or make my day. 2. Acknowledge the post of
the award giver. 3. Display the "You Make my Day Award" logo with a
link to the post that I wrote. (Optional) 4. Tell the award winners
that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Thank You So Very Much, Miss Karen!!

Drat this not knowing every in and out for this program yet!  So very sorry for the delay in acknowledging the lovely award  we have received from Karen of A’Musements. She has a gorgeous site and all should pay her a visit immediately!


Other people and places who make my day are:

Counting Your Blessings – a terrific blog with wonderful links to so many places!

Fresh Vintage – so many fascinating finds!

Notes From A Cottage Industry –  I want to learn to take pictures like those found here!!

Whistle Stop Cafe –  because I loved the books and I love the recipes!   Lastly , but certainly not least:

The Cottage Gals – a brand new favorite!

We may not have met in person, but I check in frequently to see the latest!

Thank you again, Karen, for making me stretch my wings and learn how to do this…Miss Birdie – you may have escaped the “tutoring” session for at least a day or three.

~Sadie at Serendipity~

That worked well ……

Let’s try some more!

Hpim8317A suitcase of instant ancestors!


A cabinet of pink treasures!



    The top of a dresser   


A sweet pink chest of drawers


Better (?) Pictures – Not really better but…..

better sized!  The child (actually, a lovely young lady) I mentioned has graciously allowed me to enter her busy schedule so I can learn more about the ins and outs of Typepad but she is extremely busy and I do need to learn to do this myself. We’ll try something new while waiting for the appointed time.  The pictures I posted before were very lovely (more so than these) but the sizing has given me issues to work on and learn from.  You are graciously invited to view my efforts and I thank you in advance for your patience.  Cute new things in the store and that’s the most important thing, right?

Here goes!

The shelf and
  the dresser               A  neat black shelf just                  
                                    full of fun things!      
Hpim8315                      Hpim8316

  Darling coffee table –

New Views in the Shop!

I am going to try this again-for some reason the pictures I posted yesterday were not the right size and I did not know how to fix them.  Too bad, they were lovely!  Now you have to look at mine and I am nowhere near the photographer that Miss Lula is!!!  (She’s the fab decorator and I the willing assistant in these shots too!) Maybe she will take pity on me and teach me to resize her pictures when she sees these – ~S~