Frames, Frames, Frames!!

The month is more than half over and this is only the second or third post-whoa!  We have been  rather busy and the days seem to fly.

In the back of our minds, we had originally planned that in our not-so-wide back hallway we needed a Frame Wall.  That has now come to be.   Aren’t these terrific??  There are some very old ones already hung and dozens more earmarked for this wall that belong in large part to one of our vendors and her mama.  Carved, gilded, elaborate,  plain, painted, natural finish, small, large, medium and more to come.  (Sorry, the little oil painting of apples has found a new home already.)  Come, take a look!


A New Look in the Living Room

We’ve sold several pieces of furniture recently and wanted something totally new in the living room.  Gathered up pieces from here and there throughout the store and this is the result.  What do you think?  We like it and it is definitely different for us.


Happy New Year!!

Omigoodness!  The New Year is already four days old and it has been a very busy four days to say the least!

We wish everyone good health, prosperity and peace in this new year!

Our vendors have a private workday (that means the shop is closed and they can make a BIG mess!)  scheduled this weekend so that they can revamp, remove and redo their spaces (the partners too) and bring a new look into the shop.  We love Christmas but it is past time for those ornaments and doodahs left over to be packed away!  New pictures soon to show you new things to ooh and aah over.