That Tired Knotty Pine Finish Wasn’t Doing It For Me!


We recently purchased this very cool cedar chest and had kind of displayed it at the shop for about a month.  Nobody seemed to notice it although it has great lines, wooden casters and a large brass key.  Perhaps all the stuff we had on top of it kept its charm hidden!

Anyway, got a bit of an idea when brainstorming with W the other day and decided to paint it black – white was our first thought but I was afraid the knots would not be covered and the reddish finish might bleed through.

Sure wish I had thought to shoot a “before” picture because I think it turned out rather well.  (Well, in the flash I now notice a spot that may need a bit of repair…..see it?)








Closed – of course!













 Cool brand!





A few interesting things inside – I’m sure W will rework it – LOL!!

Cannot believe I have managed three posts in three days.  A new record!

Perfect for a little guy!

Tess has this fabulous little Western setup in their new space upstairs.  Red is the perfect color to update vintage cowboy furniture and she has a nice selection here!


Overview of it all – even a cowboy seated chair….


Fabulous dresser and check out the cowboy accessories on top……


And the perfect shelf to finish things up!

I think my grownup son would have loved this back a few years ago!  Since he and our beloved daughter-in-law have presented us with a granddaughter, we will need to wait a bit for a grandson….perhaps from our grownup daughter and her sweetie of a hubby (hint, hint) – LOL!!!!

~ S ~

Sophia and Tess step up to larger quarters!


We love the work that Sophia and Tess accomplish for us in addition to their busy lives as wives, mothers and with grownup jobs and are grateful they are vendors in our shop.  After sharing the landing at the top of the stairs for a bit over a year, they have decided to move to larger quarters upstairs.

They have done a marvelous job in the new space and brought in so many new pieces for our customers enjoyment.  Both love lots of color and have a terrific eye for accessories as you can tell from the pictures below.

Love the candolier on the wooden box!













Doesn’t this look like the perfect chair for fall?






















 Darling vanity and look, a goody box has been left behind too.






















 Love the shadow box below!



More later on a more regular basis, I promise.  Thank you if you have been checking and finding nothing new.  Promise to do better!

~ S ~ 

One Year and Counting!!!

Happy First Anniversary to us-we opened our doors one year ago to our very first customer and then waited and waited for more to arrive.  Now they arrive frequently and often in groups who follow one another around and chat up the merchandise to each other.  Sales abound and the compliments are many!

How fun and how blessed we have been!  In honor of this event we are having a two day sale in the store and everything will be 20% off.  We mailed out hundreds of post cards last week to those on our mailing list and we hope for terrific response.  The weather will be VERY hot and there are some other outdoor events scheduled-thank goodness for air conditioning!  I, for one,  will enjoy NOT being out in the hot Oregon sun.

I will have to add pictures later since I didn't take any today while we  were busy tidying, rearranging and  just having fun!  Thank you to our faithful customers and to those who discovered us just today and yesterday.  We were interviewed for the local paper last week and many have searched us out since the article was published.

Pictures Fascinate Me…….

probably because I am not the least bit artistic although I do appreciate art, I think.  For instance, the way the birds below are framed and those frames reverse painted to resemble birdcages are amazing!  I am not sure where the artist would have gotten the inspiration to paint on the glass to accent those lovely birds.  Most effective……



These two are wonderful and I do love the frames!  I believe they are front and back views of the same property and I would love to visit and walk that path.  (We have never figured out what that light switch is for but it does NOT accent the pictures.)


This last one just charms me.  I want to visit the building, explore what treasures are stored behind those fabulous doors and envelope myself in the fragrance from the flowers!!


Happy July Everyone – Enjoy your summer!!

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!!

There is just something uplifting about red, white and blue in any sort of combination!  Very special when it commemorates the birth of our nation.  We are just getting started decorating for our 4th of July and wanted to share-enjoy!!


Spring Is Here – Finally!!!

And should stick around until summer begins which is even better.  What a difference a few consecutive hours of sunshine makes in the world around you and in the attitudes around you!

In honor of Father’s Day, below is a picture of one of the rare masculine areas in the shop.  (I know, but there are two gentlemen chalk-ware figures on the right….surely they count!)


To fathers everywhere – have the happiest of Sundays and enjoy your children!  This is our son’s first Father’s Day and we thank him and his wife for little Natalie!  Grandchildren are just wonderful!

Sunny June? Still Not……But We Had One Nice Day

After posting on Saturday about the bright spot in the store, Sunday was very nice and I enjoyed it immensely!  I am sorry to report it was a one day event and we are back to not very lovely, so instead of working in the garden on this day off I decided to share new things in the store.

A more tranquil desk set –


A lovely antique dresser and mirror


Beautiful Frenchy dresser

Oriental screen and closeup




Sunny June ………. NOT

Okay..I am a former Alaskan lady and I have embraced the sunshine in Oregon for the past two dozen years and been grateful not to have to shovel the white stuff in the winter anymore.  However, I am now reduced to looking for bright cheerful spots in the shop to approximate the glow from our non-existent sunshine (and complaining loudly and often about the lack of light!).  The most cheerful spot I could find today is below.  I love these colors more and more although I don’t live with them at home.  Pardon me, I think I will have to go upstairs and pretend it is sunny!


And I am still pretending not to notice I have been tagged by a little imp of a friend.

Until she bugs me about it again, I am postponing my answers.