December 26th – Looking Forward to the New Year!

The snow is disappearing (hubby shoveled for me at the store today – didn’t even cross my mind to bring a shovel) and I  wanted to share a picture from inside the shop before Christmas is packed away again-


Things are going to be a bit less sparkly  around here for sure!

I sincerely hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year as much as the partners here at Serendipity are!!  We wish you all Peace and Prosperity!!  ~S~

Christmas Eve Eve and more snow

Well, I’ve gotten over the crankies now and we have resigned ourselves to being grateful that things are forecast to change soon and we won’t be snowbound all winter!  A left over fear from a loooonnnng Alaska sojourn that spanned 25 years of my childhood and young adulthood.

We did indeed have much more snow but hubbie is out shoveling a little since we have contacted the good old USPS to come pick up a huge stack of Ebay packages that need to be on their way as soon as it can happen.  He retired as a letter carrier in August of this year and I am supremely happy that I promised him LAST year that it was his last Christmas season to deliver mail.  Boy, would I have heard about it this year!!!!!!!!  After 32+ years (the first 9 spent in Alaska where this is considered normal)  he absolutely deserves to have missed this season!!



Pretty, isn’t it?  (A large plastic ornament hanging from one of our maple trees.)



The cars he will soon be unburying!



A look down our country road – many thanks to one of our neighbors with a plow on his tractor or this would be snow covered!  (Now to break up the burm blocking the driveway-a much easier task!)  Thanks, neighbor!!


Way loaded down – poor things.

Okay, now that I’ve had a chance to relax and now that my daughter and her husband have turned around and headed home to Sherwood instead of trying to get to Medford for Christmas (or at least here), I will endeavor to stop trying to micromanage everything I possibly can.  The store will reopen when it is safe to drive across town and get there. 

Christmas can be celebrated a day or two after the actual day.  We are healthy, safe and warm as our families and friends are. 

Our country is hopefully regaining its balance or at least trying to.  Big business had better realize that selfishness will no longer be tolerated.  Our citizens are being forced to economize, a hard lesson but one that will serve us in good stead.

And number one in all of this, He is the reason we celebrate at all—–Merry Christmas everyone!  ~S~

Snowbound…….and NOT liking it much!

First few days, it was pretty but a pain to get around town even with 4 wheel drive.  Next few days the freezing rain didn’t do anything positive in town.  Thousands without power, branches falling, an ice dam on the roof at our house which left about 1/4″ of water in the kitchen and family room.  Now more snow after hours of melting and rain yesterday.


Back when it was still pretty –



Now there is a bunch more and with the ice underneath – treacherous!


Our first casualty but huge branches have fallen all over town with disastrous results!

Please keep everyone across the nation and the world dealing with terrible weather conditions in your thoughts and prayers!  Stay safe and stay home if at all possible, especially here in Oregon!  ~S~

Snow, Snow Snow!!

A relatively rare event in the Pacific Northwest – at least here in Salem, Oregon – we are enjoying a bit of snow this morning. 

Ours is disappearing rapidly and isn’t nearly as pretty as this view from our son”s house in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Reminds you of a postcard, doesn’t it?  And the picture was taken with his iPhone and not a digital camera.  Thank goodness I “let” myself be talked into purchasing one myself, they are amazing little items and no, I am NOT a spokesperson for the company!


Love this little bit of winter! ~S~

Christmas Open House at Serendipity!

120508I am wondering where the last few weeks have gone with Thanksgiving and our granddaughter’s first birthday, but we are still pulling it together for our second Christmas Open House!

Here are a few pictures to share and an open invitation to join our celebration to all our friends, near and far, is hereby issued-LOL!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year to all of you from Sadie, Rosie, and Estelle at Serendipity !!





It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here …….


I absolutely loathe running into Christmas in September or even August – there, I’ve said it out loud! 

Because we are a retail store of sorts I shouldn’t feel that way, but we deal in vintage and we like Christmas to be special and not planned for a year in advance.  I suppose we are more spontaneous and certainly can’t anticipate what we will find in the coming year to share with our customers. 


My point is that we are beginning to decorate the store and will do it in layers.



(According to what we unpack is what layer we will be on – LOL!)


 Today’s layer included this little vintage fellow in his Santa hat complete with candy cane.



Our kitchen tree and how did all those strings of lights die since last year?  Next layer – lights – to arrive shortly from one of those other stores-provided they are still in stock!  Wait, we only need a power strip to complete this one – thank goodness!!


I do love Christmas and the reason we celebrate, but for Pete’s sake it isn’t Thanksgiving yet.  ~S~

It is ALL in the details – A most special birthday gift!!

My beloved granddaughter celebrates her first birthday this coming Friday, November 14th, and my good friend and pal has created the most beautiful Fairy slipper! Any girl would love to have a similar one.  The details are exquisite-the hand cut glass glittered letter N rests on a tiny golden nest fashioned from antique tinsel and the tiniest of golden birds lays claim to the lovely nest.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Miss Karen !!

I intend to construct a shadow box to contain this fragile beauty and tuck in a love note to little Miss Natalie.  I hope she will treasure this all of her life and perhaps pass it down to her granddaughter.

111108  In its entirety


The exquisite letter N


  Thank you again, Karen!    xoxoxox    ~S~

As Promised, More Halloween from Karen!

Here are a few more pictures of handcrafted Halloween items from Karen of A'Musements !


Two of her raven friends!


A fluffy black tree for spooky ornies and polka dot treat baskets!


Madame Marie and De Debil himself -  love the Mischief Makers!

And on a lighter note – I thought this beautiful lady needed  special treatment – great frame!


She's small but exquisite – enjoy!  ~S~