Almost Time for Our Christmas Open House!

We will be busy, busy, busy this week clearing out fall and decorating for Christmas.  We are even closing the shop all day Thursday so we can make a huge mess and then make everything beautiful for Friday (fingers and toes crossed!).  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and gave serious thanks for all the blessings bestowed on them this year.  Our new granddaughter was one of many (the biggest and most exciting of course!) and we are thankful every day.

Check back for a sneak peek on Thursday night if I remember the camera and can stay awake to post pictures.  Caffeine and chocolate will get us through this I am sure-lol!

A New Vendor in the Store ~ Meet Estelle

Looking into her little nook from the outside

Looking into her little nook from the outside

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome our newest vendor in the shop – Estelle!

She brings a touch of vintage elegance to us in the form of pretty vintage clothing and beautifully feminine accessories.  In such a small space, she packs a big bang!  And we mean small space….a closet most of us couldn’t fit our clothing in comfortably now holds a charming selection of clothing, a pretty cream painted commode, a large mirror and other trifles to tempt you.

Some of her items:



A terrific lady to add to the mix – don’t you agree?    Welcome Estelle!  ~S~

A Great Day – November 14th!


She’s here and she’s gorgeous (I know-all grandmas say that!) and we are so happy to have her join our family.  Weighed in at 7 lbs, 8 oz and 19 3/4″ long at 3:47 am on the 14th.  Here is her picture with guess who?  Wonder if she’ll like all of grandma’s treasures?  Perhaps she’ll take over the shop when Connie, Kerrin and I retire…..hmmmmmm

November 13th – Who Needs Signs? Baby Alert!

The recognition that the second Serendipity sign was missing this morning should have bummed me out but no,there was a bigger issue stepping in.  Solved that one easily enough with a phone call to Canada.  The day has turned out to be terrific and customers haven’t missed the signs until I tell them about the thefts.

Now the biggest blessing of all is about to happen-the children are at the Birth Center and I am hopefully about to become Natalie’s grandmother physically!  She is actually due around the 20th but we think she’s more than ready to arrive.  Her daddy has been coaxing and coaxing her and then resorted to reverse psychology this weekend!  Will keep you posted, keep them in your prayers please.

A Disappointing Day!!

Turning the corner from Commercial Street onto Kearney Street I noticed our sandwich board sign was missing.  I looked around for it and called Kerrin when I got to the store since she closed last night.  Turns out she last saw it about 6 pm and our neighbors saw it at 9pm.  Between then and 9:45 am today it disappeared.  I have filed a police report and am in contact with the property room and we hope it turns up before we have to file an insurance claim for theft.  Perhaps some goofy kid thought it would be a cool prank.  Sure wish he/she/them would return it!  Even without it, lots of new faces in the store today who found us and didn’t even know the sign was missing!
This has absolutely nothing to do with the sign but isn’t it pretty?  One of those serendipitous finds that happen occasionally!


This is another find from my personal Ebay auctions-talk about serendipity!   Ask me about the story sometime.  Just one of those things …….. ~S~


Happy November!

I’m not working today in the store so I have had ample opportunity to admire our fall weather and do a little shopping!  Found some really neat things to add to the inventory and to auction online at my personal site.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get rich (not really, but I can dream)!

A designer from our local newspaper was in today for the first time to see the store and she appears to have been impressed according to K.  Took a few things with her for an upcoming photo montage.  Hooray – a new business needs all the positive exposure it can get!  We have such wonderful things and so many talented gals in  our group – come and see!  ~S~