Fall is here!

The trees in our town are absolutely gorgeous and dropping leaves like crazy.   There are still many to enjoy probably because it hasn’t rained as much as it has seemed to in years past.  From the windows in the living room of the store I can see many shades of glorious fall color and some trees that haven’t begun to turn (along with those firs and pines that don’t!).

Inside the store are many fall items mixing for another day or so with Halloween.  Such a cozy time of year and this house lends itself to fall nicely.  Our hope is that Christmas here will be fantastic!  We have some areas in mind to use for variously themed trees and now that Miss Lula is developing our strategy for decorating I can tell you that they will be terrific!

Before fall leaves the store (and it won’t be without a lot of hard work – and a bunch of sales, hopefully!) I wanted to share some pictures with you.


This one is just for fun because I love the shape and color!  Reminds you times past I think…..  Although I wouldn’t give up central air and heating for all the tea in China!   ~S~




My little friend showed me the icon to push and I think I may have it.  The following is a test! (And I believe it was successful-now if I can publish the photo album…..  Thanks a million, Alex!!) ~ S ~

Still No Pictures!

Hello again-I have great pictures in the photo album I created last night and I believe that they will be on the blog tomorrow with the help of a lovely young lady named Alex!  If she is not available, then I will have to depend on my son to help which could take a while since his wife is due to give birth any day.  So exciting to think I will be a grandma in the not too distant future and we already know her by name!  Old hat (can’t ever be old hat!) for Connie who has bunches of grandkiddos already and will be blessed with another one in April.

But I digress-we have a store full of Thanksgiving and fall items and there is a little Halloween left over still available.  Thanks to our new event coordinator, we have wonderful plans for our Christmas Open House – date to be announced.  Be sure to check back for a hint or two but the full effect will be best experienced personally!  ~ S ~

Our New Store!

Welcome to Serendipity Vintage Furnishings and Rediscovered Treasures!  We are a newly opened shop in Salem, Oregon and can be found at 890 Saginaw Street South, Salem OR 97302.  Our phone number is 503.362.3341 and we officially took possession of the building on July 23, 2007.  Opening for business on August 14, 2007, we recently celebrated our Grand Opening on October 5 and 6th.

Our partnership is shared among three experienced ladies named Sue, Kerrin and Connie and we are happy to announce we have very long term  plans to be in existence.  Our shop holds a number of vintage and antique treasures and you will never know from one day to the next what we might have available to our customers!

We specialize in the vintage and unique and though we do love some newer items, we restrict their numbers in our store to keep inventory fresh.  We have seven talented vendors who help us fill the store and each has a unique style all their own.  We blend well and we are happy to support each other in our endeavors!

Do come back and we will share pictures and stories about our wonderful store, our vendors and even our customers!  ~ S ~