5 Before and After Projects

I found all these pieces within 2 days at a favorite junk haunt.  Told myself I was getting them done ASAP.  Seems I did-for a change…


A corner baker’s rack with no shelves, a partially dismantled screen, cute little newer table, wood shelf unit and a vintage smoking stand.

With a bit of help from the hubs with the barn board shelves and table top, they have been refurbbed and are ready for South End and new homes!



All 5 items will be at South End tomorrow!

Little Desk Makeover

It’s hot and dry and leaves are beginning to fall around here, especially from my big old maple tree I like to paint under to shield me from the intense sun!  Didn’t stop these little projects from happening today though!

Bought this little desk last weekend at a local estate sale and I was ready to tackle the loose veneer and unattached rail today with the hubs’ help!


Forgot a before picture, did have this one though

Forgot a before picture, did have this one though

After veneer removal and gluing and a bit of sanding before painting:

Veneer removed from top and drawer since it was dry and loose

Veneer removed from top and drawer since it was dry and loose


Painted my favorite  off-white and distressed a bit

Painted my favorite off-white and distressed a bit

Also worked on the two faux rust projects you can see while waiting for paint to dry on the desk.  I think I am ready for summer to end and fall to begin!  How about you?

Bookcase Project – Rustic Backing

Here are the proper pictures to show you the bookcase project from beginning to end.  (Borrowed this idea from Miss Sophia!)


the before

He removed the original backing and primed and painted the bookcase and shelves.  Next came cleaning, sorting and cutting the old boards.  Attached them and voila!



and with a little staging ~


I have been lazy lately and taking quick pictures with my iPhone.  Should get back to the better camera…

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Vintage Berry Carts

Found a few of these little carts the other day (they found me, rather) and I immediately fell in love!  Rusty red painted metal, red wheel and in pretty nice condition!

little vintage berry cart

little vintage berry cart

I am keeping one or two and the hubs is building some boxes from cedar boards so that these cuties can be used as flower boxes perhaps.

so dang cute!

so dang cute!

I love them!

A Quick Makeover – MMS’s Tricycle on a little Sewing Stand

Found the sewing stand (or end table) the other day at a sort of estate sale (in a storage place).  Great price, cute lines, not too bad shape.

Here is the Before:

cute but a bit blah...

cute but a bit blah…

I caught the hubs sanding it and yelled (politely) “STOP!!!  I’m using milk paint on this.”  Hopefully it will still chip…

Here is the After:

finally, chipping!

finally, chipping!

Funny thing is, it didn’t really chip until AFTER I applied the finish coat (new product-jury out still on reviews).  It chipped ENORMOUSLY after that and I re-finished it with MMS’s Hemp Oil.  Now I will have to make sure it is DONE chipping.

P. S. The new product I mentioned before was developed by another company for their own paint line which is an acrylic.  I will use it the recommended way before I determine if I like it or not.

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I Totally Messed Up Here – Sorry!

Not only is there no Before picture (it was a plain jane little maple bookcase), the only After picture I have is one with a few other projects and since it sold quickly I have no way to share the project until we make over the bigger bookcase in the garage!  Please stay tuned…

62916We are looking at the little bookcase on the right with the reclaimed wood back.  Miss Sophia first did this at Serendipity and I have been wanting to do one for the longest time.

 I painted the bookcase my classic white and the hubs added the backing. Cute and easy-peasy!  Next one is larger and has adjustable shelves so it should actually be easier.

Rusty Treasure!

Since I have had this welding tank cart for perhaps 3 (three) years, it has been on my mind how to be able to use it the way I wanted to.  Yesterday the solution  presented itself!

Sorry for no before pictures but you can picture them I believe.  We purchased two rusty baskets at an estate sale on Friday and as I was watching (read supervising!) Hub work on a project,  an idea came to mind!

Check out the detail on the cart-now you know why I had to buy it!

Check out the detail on the cart-now you know why I had to buy it!

I threaded the chain that used to hold the tanks to the cart through the basket and it was almost done.  The bright yellow zip tie helps hold it steady.  Now to “help” the hubs to build me a planter box to fit and then it is in the garden bed for real!

I’ll add the complete picture soon (I hope).

New Items at South End

We took these in today and I wanted to share because the hubs reworked three of these items for me.  He was the recipient of a bunch of reclaimed wood last year and has made me numerous things.  This is the first time he has replaced the back on a bookcase but this is probably numbers six and seven of these little tables so far.  There is a secret to them-can you guess?*

62916There were two of the rusty old baskets and I will show you tomorrow why only one made it into the shop today.

* The table bases are piano benches with the tops removed.  Such a clever man I married!

Oh, Good Grief!

This doggone thing had me throwing up my hands and asking the hubs to finish for me.  Started it and I realized how much painted surface there was to get through-I seem to think all surfaces need to be painted I guess.



With the sides raised

With the sides raised

Somewhere in there I contracted a horrible stomach virus that laid me low several days, then it rained for a few more and I painted more and more and it NEVER seemed to make a difference.  (I used a paint I swore I would never use again and I am once more swearing to never use it again.)  Mind you, all this painting was over a coat of bonding primer that was supposed to be awesome!



In the shop

In the shop

I adore vintage maple furniture and I usually paint it red.  I will continue to paint it red but white not so much should I buy another piece any time soon.

(It finally turned out well, didn’t it?)

Short and Sweet Makeover

Found this on Monday, hubby sanded and I brought it in on Tuesday to do a little makeover on.  I love those makeovers that take only a little time – mostly spent waiting for paint to dry!  I always paint two coats on a piece and this is a current favorite color.


Before – sanded and washed


After two coats but before distressing to add some character:



And finished – perfect for a bedside table!

IMG_2651-001 - CopyWe think she is adorable!

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