Oh, Good Grief!

This doggone thing had me throwing up my hands and asking the hubs to finish for me.  Started it and I realized how much painted surface there was to get through-I seem to think all surfaces need to be painted I guess.



With the sides raised

With the sides raised

Somewhere in there I contracted a horrible stomach virus that laid me low several days, then it rained for a few more and I painted more and more and it NEVER seemed to make a difference.  (I used a paint I swore I would never use again and I am once more swearing to never use it again.)  Mind you, all this painting was over a coat of bonding primer that was supposed to be awesome!



In the shop

In the shop

I adore vintage maple furniture and I usually paint it red.  I will continue to paint it red but white not so much should I buy another piece any time soon.

(It finally turned out well, didn’t it?)

The Dog Days of Summer! (NOT)

From July 3 until August 11 is the official time frame for The Dog Days of Summer I see from Googling it.  I think they need to extend it this year until mid September maybe.  Ugh!  I am DONE with summer and yet there are days more of it sometimes even into October around here.  It makes me want to move back to Alaska….never thought I’d say that but the forecast there was for 40’s and rain today – and boy howdy – do we need it!

If I haven’t melted into a complete puddle, I’l l be back on Friday.   I know there are lots of places out there with higher temperatures but this is supposed to be the cool Pacific Northwest!dog_days_summer