Ugh, the weather outside…

not frightful but NOT typical NW winter weather here in the Willamette Vally for sure!  This is the 5th day we haven’t left the house due to icy conditions on the roads and I have to admit cabin fever is beginning to set in – hurry warmer temperatures and melt this stuff!

I have to finish my Christmas shopping in the next few days and I NEED to be able to get out of this house to do it!  I hope this finds all of you NOT housebound and NOT freezing!I have managed to paint a few pieces of furniture and some smalls over the last few days and I will share them when they are at South End.  Jammed here and there I could only tease you with tiny little shots.

South End Antique Mall

I love being back at South End!  The time that I used to devote to Serendipity I can now split between several things-including my grandbabies!  (They are not so little anymore so I am happy to spend more time with them!)   I don’t regret the time I spent at the shop but I am glad it is more my own now.  Saying that, I really miss our customers and our vendors!!

It is fun to work in a mall or a shop and I have been doing that regularly lately-yesterday we spent a big chunk of it changing the entry from summer to farm on our way to fall I believe.  Here are some iPhone pictures to show you what Connie and I were up to between customers and vendors.


LOVE this old hoosier type cabinet!


Too late I realized I left without a picture of the fabulous graphics on the other side! Rescued from a burn pile!!


That wheelbarrow……. (the cord is tucked away now too)


Another wonderful old kitchen center!


Great farm table and chicken stuff!

se3 se5Now I have the best of both worlds – the chance to “play” at the shop and spend more of my time elsewhere!

Yep, the name has changed…

but that is as far as I seem to be able to go so I will be turning this technical stuff over to my son.  Serendipity Vintage Furnishings closed in February and it is time to move on.

See all of you soon – I hope!

P.S. Emailed my boy and he had this done in seconds!  Love that kid!!!  Now for pictures!

What Sadie has been doing for the last two months….

First of all, thank you to all who continue to visit this neglected blog space.  I intended to update sooner but this is the first time I’ve felt motivated to write.  It was a BIG adjustment to give up the shop and pursue quieter dreams!  The timing was right so off we have gone.

Hubby and I have been spending lots of time together and it has been such fun (for the most part!)!  He retired almost 8 years ago and has been “waiting” patiently for me to do the same – or at least pare down – lol!  We enjoy shopping and I even rented him a small space so he could maintain his own interests and share things with others – successfully I might add – so proud of him!

Here is where you can find our things now and occasionally we are there too!

Sadie at South End

I am thinking of continuing this blog under a new name so please check back occasionally – I miss all of you!