New Year’s Resolution – Stop Ignoring this Blog!!

In other words, make a little time to keep it up or say goodbye!  I’ve had this blog a long time but this year has put me to the test when it comes to making entries!

No excuses, but since we closed the shop and are in just two spaces in the mall, there has been lots of freed up time to do other things and spend time with other people and we have!

Now to get back to the business of blogging!

First project completed in 2017 – a sad little Ethan Allen cabinet in need of a makeover and some redesigning.  The top was heavily damaged and there is some separation of the boards on the side that were driving the hubby crazy but I thought it perfect for Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood, some chipping and distressing and a new reclaimed wood top courtesy of that hubby!

No before pictures because all this work has to happen inside due to winter weather but here is the reveal in the mall:

Resolution #2 – get that garage to a place where the work can happen out there and not in the family room, kitchen or bathroom!

Have a terrific week!

Ugh, the weather outside…

not frightful but NOT typical NW winter weather here in the Willamette Vally for sure!  This is the 5th day we haven’t left the house due to icy conditions on the roads and I have to admit cabin fever is beginning to set in – hurry warmer temperatures and melt this stuff!

I have to finish my Christmas shopping in the next few days and I NEED to be able to get out of this house to do it!  I hope this finds all of you NOT housebound and NOT freezing!I have managed to paint a few pieces of furniture and some smalls over the last few days and I will share them when they are at South End.  Jammed here and there I could only tease you with tiny little shots.

5 Before and After Projects

I found all these pieces within 2 days at a favorite junk haunt.  Told myself I was getting them done ASAP.  Seems I did-for a change…


A corner baker’s rack with no shelves, a partially dismantled screen, cute little newer table, wood shelf unit and a vintage smoking stand.

With a bit of help from the hubs with the barn board shelves and table top, they have been refurbbed and are ready for South End and new homes!



All 5 items will be at South End tomorrow!

Little Desk Makeover

It’s hot and dry and leaves are beginning to fall around here, especially from my big old maple tree I like to paint under to shield me from the intense sun!  Didn’t stop these little projects from happening today though!

Bought this little desk last weekend at a local estate sale and I was ready to tackle the loose veneer and unattached rail today with the hubs’ help!


Forgot a before picture, did have this one though

Forgot a before picture, did have this one though

After veneer removal and gluing and a bit of sanding before painting:

Veneer removed from top and drawer since it was dry and loose

Veneer removed from top and drawer since it was dry and loose


Painted my favorite  off-white and distressed a bit

Painted my favorite off-white and distressed a bit

Also worked on the two faux rust projects you can see while waiting for paint to dry on the desk.  I think I am ready for summer to end and fall to begin!  How about you?

South End Antique Mall

I love being back at South End!  The time that I used to devote to Serendipity I can now split between several things-including my grandbabies!  (They are not so little anymore so I am happy to spend more time with them!)   I don’t regret the time I spent at the shop but I am glad it is more my own now.  Saying that, I really miss our customers and our vendors!!

It is fun to work in a mall or a shop and I have been doing that regularly lately-yesterday we spent a big chunk of it changing the entry from summer to farm on our way to fall I believe.  Here are some iPhone pictures to show you what Connie and I were up to between customers and vendors.


LOVE this old hoosier type cabinet!


Too late I realized I left without a picture of the fabulous graphics on the other side! Rescued from a burn pile!!


That wheelbarrow……. (the cord is tucked away now too)


Another wonderful old kitchen center!


Great farm table and chicken stuff!

se3 se5Now I have the best of both worlds – the chance to “play” at the shop and spend more of my time elsewhere!

Bookcase Project – Rustic Backing

Here are the proper pictures to show you the bookcase project from beginning to end.  (Borrowed this idea from Miss Sophia!)


the before

He removed the original backing and primed and painted the bookcase and shelves.  Next came cleaning, sorting and cutting the old boards.  Attached them and voila!



and with a little staging ~


I have been lazy lately and taking quick pictures with my iPhone.  Should get back to the better camera…

Sharing with Vintage Charm Link Party #41 and DIY Salvaged Junk Projects #339

Vintage Berry Carts

Found a few of these little carts the other day (they found me, rather) and I immediately fell in love!  Rusty red painted metal, red wheel and in pretty nice condition!

little vintage berry cart

little vintage berry cart

I am keeping one or two and the hubs is building some boxes from cedar boards so that these cuties can be used as flower boxes perhaps.

so dang cute!

so dang cute!

I love them!