New Things in the Shop!

Miss Sophia has completed another farm table set.  This one is done in a barnwood reminiscent color palette and has four large chairs to accompany the rectangular table!  All done with American Paint Company’s colors.


closeup of the top

closeup of the top

And I brought in a matching, desk, bookcase and chair painted in my new favorite General Finishes grey.

Desk and chair

Desk and chair

LOVE the fabric!

LOVE the fabric!

The bookcase

The bookcase

A hot week is forecast so painting will be put on hold I think!

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Originally a sewing machine cabinet, it is now…

a terrific little coffee table!  Out junking a couple of weeks ago I came across this piece and immediately fell in love!  The hubby NOT so much – it was filthy, missing chunks here and there and generally a mess, but I knew what it had been and I loved the idea of what it could be!  (After hours of scrubbing, filling, sanding and scrubbing again, she was ready to paint and I envisioned her in dark grey – APC’s Freedom Road.)

Anxious to get started I again forgot to take before pictures but just picture a mess!  Someone managed to take several inches off each leg and there isn’t a wobble to be found – amazing to me!

Sewing machine cabinet to coffee table in APC's Freedom Road

Sewing machine cabinet to coffee table in APC’s Freedom Road

A couple of coats of Freedom Road, some distressing and a coat of clear wax and she is now in the shop looking for a new home!

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From Disaster to Success! The tale of an antique table….

You all know that we take some pretty sad pieces of furniture and refurb them to fabulous (or at least so much better than it was in certain cases).  So started this tale, antique table, needs love, turns out wonderfully well, WTH (what-the-heck!) happened, OMiGoodness that is so bad, to even-better-than-before lovely!

Isn't she lovely? White painted legs, stained top and leaves

Isn’t she lovely? White painted legs, stained top and leaves

People have admired her for a few weeks but so far no new home.  About a week and a half ago I walked by her and WTH?  There was a split all the way across the table and not where the leaves are inserted either!  We are just stymied since this has only happened once before in all these years.  That piece was from the coast and after a trip to live in the much warmer valley, it, too, developed a split so we knew how to fix it.  Bye-bye gorgeous stained table top, though.

The split is repaired but oh, so ugly!

The split is repaired but oh, so ugly!

New plan, Miss Sophia’s signature driftwood, barn board, fabulous faux finish! And I helped! (Remember that commercial on tv?  If you do, you just pegged yourself as a baby boomer.)  My contribution is the APC Beach Glass in the multiple layers of color on the newly redone table top.  Miss Sophia thought a lighter blue but I convinced her this would be good and it is.

See what I mean?  It looks lovely if I do say so myself

See what I mean? It looks lovely if I do say so myself

So long story short, the table is even lovelier, the setback became a leap forward and I now have a good idea of how she does this technique!  Hurray!

Leaves inserted

Leaves inserted

Leaves removed

Leaves removed

Job well done, Miss Sophia – not once, but twice!

(Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them)

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Hurray for the Red, White and Blue!

It’s getting to be that time again – although I love these colors all year long!

Miss Nora transformed this old tricycle into a darling planter with a new paint job, a basket and a potted geranium.  So cute a lady walking by just stopped to purchase it!


And I decided the entry needed a transformation!

IMG_1150We are ready to celebrate America’s Birthday!

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Took me years, but…

This little table has finally made it into the shop!  When I found it years ago (and I don’t remember how many years) it was only needing the split top to be put back together.  Hubby did glue it but it was too late in the summer season to come to the shop so we put it in the storage shed to keep it safe – and forgot it!  Out of sight ya know.

We found it again a couple years ago, I think, and there was no salvaging the top then so he was ready to recycle the base but I couldn’t do it.  It was just too darn cute.  While junking last year I came across what I thought would be the perfect table top so I bought it and its twin.  The gals running the sale said they thought they were skim boards – whatever those are!  Hubby recognized them as such, too, and griped that they were rough and needing this and that… went in one ear and out the other.  Get it ready I told him and we’ll paint it, drill it and attach it and we finally did.

Instead of painting the base – VERY heavy base- black as planned I simply clear coated it.  LOVE that rusty green color!  The rosette that holds the top to the table matched so it got the same simple treatment.

Ta Da!

all done

all done

closeup of the legs

closeup of the legs

table top

table top

Click on the pictures to get closeups if you like – Happy June!!

Memorial Day 2015

Today is the day we as a country set aside to honor those men and women who have served our country in war and in peace.  We especially wish to thank publicly those who made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for men, women and children they do not know on a personal level.  Through their brave service they are responsible for our country’s freedom.  Thank you one and all!


New things in the shop lately!

We have neglected to show you some of our latest finds so I will remedy that right now!

First up – this is not an original idea but the hubby did a terrific job of assembling it when I gave him the pieces, the wheel courtesy of a friend of ours who found several out junkin’!  I knew there was a great use for those old lamp bases I have been collecting too….


Terrific for picture or card display -  jewelry too

Terrific for picture or card display – jewelry too

Miss Sophia painted this MCM 4 drawer dresser in Freedom Road by APC and left the top and the separator pieces dark stained.  Cool new hardware adds to its charm!


And these pieces are courtesy of our newest  vendors – Miss Madelle and Miss Nora

Hmmm...can you tell our newest color love?

Hmmm…can you tell our newest color love?

A new buffet, a new dresser, a new dining set

New things in the shop and we’d love to share them with you!

First up is a lovely long dresser – maker unknown unfortunately.  Miss Evie painted her in APC’s Homeplate and then added new hardware to dress her up (I heard the original was UGLY!)

Fresh coat of APC's Homeplate and new hardware!

Fresh coat of APC’s Homeplate and new hardware!

Originally made by White Furniture Company, this lovely buffet is painted in APC’s Freedom Road.  The white knobs are new, the rest original.  Sorry for the porch angle!


APC's Freedom Road

APC’s Freedom Road

This set was a marriage made in Heaven!  A newer table with four vintage chairs (could the match be any better-I think not) and new upholstery – didn’t last 24 hours!


Lovely - didn't even get the chance to decorate it!

Lovely – didn’t even get the chance to decorate it!

More new things headed in – we will share I promise!

What a Lamp!

I have to share this with you for two reasons – one, I ADORE the color and two, I love the components!  Look closely at the second picture.  It took me a few minutes to recognize those aluminum tumblers…on a black lucite base…with clear lucite discs separating the tumblers….sigh!


Retro aluminum tumblers!

Retro aluminum tumblers!

I just love it!  Too bad nothing in my house would be complimented by it!!