Oh, Good Grief!

This doggone thing had me throwing up my hands and asking the hubs to finish for me.  Started it and I realized how much painted surface there was to get through-I seem to think all surfaces need to be painted I guess.



With the sides raised

With the sides raised

Somewhere in there I contracted a horrible stomach virus that laid me low several days, then it rained for a few more and I painted more and more and it NEVER seemed to make a difference.  (I used a paint I swore I would never use again and I am once more swearing to never use it again.)  Mind you, all this painting was over a coat of bonding primer that was supposed to be awesome!



In the shop

In the shop

I adore vintage maple furniture and I usually paint it red.  I will continue to paint it red but white not so much should I buy another piece any time soon.

(It finally turned out well, didn’t it?)

Pinterest Gardening Board

I just added a new board to my Pinterest group and this one is for gardening ideas – mine and others!  Check it out and see if anything calls your name!


To get me started here are some of my current favorites and projects ~


Totally going to do this one!



My little planter that has been patiently waiting for sedums



An okld lunchbox with a cool gauge makes a great planter - this one is mine and is filling in nicely!

An okld lunchbox with a cool gauge makes a great planter – this one is mine and is filling in nicely!

An old waterer I purchased from a friend recently - got me at galvanized metal-lol!

An old waterer I purchased from a friend recently – got me at galvanized metal-lol!

Just a few to get me started on the newest board!

Yep, the name has changed…

but that is as far as I seem to be able to go so I will be turning this technical stuff over to my son.  Serendipity Vintage Furnishings closed in February and it is time to move on.

See all of you soon – I hope!

P.S. Emailed my boy and he had this done is seconds!  Love that kid!!!  Now for pictures!

Time for another update…

This has been a super busy month and in between family and friend events, we have been working on many pieces for the upcoming Anniversary/Memorial Day Sale at South End Antique Mall in Aurora where I am back at home.  Here are two pictures of some finished projects that we have stashed for the sale!


Many more are waiting to be cleaned and there is a mixture of finished and almost finished hanging out in my yard! (And keeping it real:  in the garage, the shed and almost every room in the house too!  I hope all this stuff sells!!))

What Sadie has been doing for the last two months….

First of all, thank you to all who continue to visit this neglected blog space.  I intended to update sooner but this is the first time I’ve felt motivated to write.  It was a BIG adjustment to give up the shop and pursue quieter dreams!  The timing was right so off we have gone.

Hubby and I have been spending lots of time together and it has been such fun (for the most part!)!  He retired almost 8 years ago and has been “waiting” patiently for me to do the same – or at least pare down – lol!  We enjoy shopping and I even rented him a small space so he could maintain his own interests and share things with others – successfully I might add – so proud of him!

Here is where you can find our things now and occasionally we are there too!

Sadie at South End

I am thinking of continuing this blog under a new name so please check back occasionally – I miss all of you!



Short and Sweet Makeover

Found this on Monday, hubby sanded and I brought it in on Tuesday to do a little makeover on.  I love those makeovers that take only a little time – mostly spent waiting for paint to dry!  I always paint two coats on a piece and this is a current favorite color.


Before – sanded and washed


After two coats but before distressing to add some character:



And finished – perfect for a bedside table!

IMG_2651-001 - CopyWe think she is adorable!

Sharing with Vintage Charm #17

Old Stereo Cabinet Conversion – New Media Center

The husband has worked off and on for months to complete this conversion!  Finally finished, we brought it into the shop today.  Before pictures below.


I really am surprised he thought to try this conversion!

zenith 2

This was a piece that was extremely heavy due to the phonograph, radio and huge speaker originally found inside the mahogany cabinet.  The doors on top opened from top to bottom to allow access to the phonograph and radio.  Both sides needed shelves installed to cover the holes left from pulling the equipment out.  One of the bottom doors was fixed in place because of the speaker behind it and both were covered in filthy fabric.  Shelves were installed here too, I believe, and he added a back where there had not been one.


Voila – finished cabinet!IMG_2654

All four doors open now

All four doors open now-the bottom two are open for access by remote

This turned out beautifully and can be very useful now – we think of it as a media cabinet, of course.  It can be used for other things too.

End of story:  He says he will never do another one regardless of how inexpensive the cabinet is (I didn’t not bring it home to him).  He did learn how to convert fixed doors, change their configuration, remove old stereo stuff and that his wife complains (loudly!) when things are too heavy (in her opinion) to easily move around.

Sharing with the ladies at Vintage Charm #16 and Talk of the Town #5