New things in the shop

Today we have a new full size bed, a lovely three drawer dresser and a fun laundry bag!

Heirloom White Full size bed set

Heirloom White Full size bed set

Dresser painted in GF's Patina Green with a dark painted top

Dresser painted in GF’s Patina Green with a dark painted top  ~SOLD~

Wash Away Your Sins Landry Bag

Wash Away Your Sins Landry Bag

Have a terrific weekend – the last one in July!!!

Vintage Brother Charger 11 Typewriter and Case

I was out garage sale-ing this morning and came across this cutie!  It’s a vintage Brother Charger 11 Typewriter and it is truly portable!  Pretty dirty when I found it but it cleaned up nicely with a dampened microfiber cloth – love those things!!

The white plastic case is really a lid that fits into the back in two slots and securely  fastens to the front.  The ribbon in this one is still pretty good so I had fun trying to type with it.  I finally have broken myself of pounding the computer keyboard so I had to concentrate to actually type again!


Typewriter and cse

Typewriter and case


Tucked away inside it's case

Tucked away inside it’s case

Boy!  I had lighting issues with this thing-it’s a really pretty cream color!

Miss Sophia’s Barn Wood Technique

This is a terrific farm table set that Miss Sophia gave the barn wood treatment to on the top of the table and the bench.  The chairs were sprayed in a nice coordinating color.  And it sold in less than 24 hours.


Closeup of the paint technique on the table top


Overall view of the Farm set in the Barn Wood technique


Coordinating chair

And this buffet in Smoke Signal is a great go-with piece!

Buffet in APC's Smoke Signal

Buffet in APC’s Smoke Signal

Loving Waistcoat, especially on this cabinet!

Before she finds a new home I need to share this makeover that Miss Sophia did after months of watching people love on the original version but pass it by.  A nice young man is thinking it over but I think he’ll be back this weekend!

And he was – SOLD!


Lovely lines, gorgeous fretwork but wasn't selling....

Lovely lines, gorgeous fretwork but wasn’t selling….

A couple of coats of American Paint Company’s Waistcoat and some strategic distressing and she looks like this now:

Even lovelier!

Even lovelier!

Terrific makeover, Miss Sophia!!

New Things in the shop this week!

You can tell we’ve been working hard on new projects – I still have another in the works.

Miss Sophia’s Projects:


Table painted in the Driftwood style

Table painted in the Driftwood style


APC’s Coral Reef dresser with dark stained top


Beautiful white dresser


Pretty little two drawer nightstand in APC’s Coral Reef – ~SOLD!~

Miss Evie’s largest project lately:

Buffet painted in APC's Freedom Road with original stain doors and drawer

Buffet painted in APC’s Freedom Road with original stain doors and drawer

Miss Sadie’s latest project:

Cute table with drawer painted in APC's Sackcloth and dark waxed for age

Cute table with drawer painted in APC’s Sackcloth and dark waxed for age

The Saga of the “Free” Desk aka The Adventures of Miss Sophia

Long story short since there are no “before” pictures-you have to imagine just how filthy and spider nest encrusted this piece was – so bad she almost left it at the bottom of the drive but help arrived when she needed to load it into her SUV so she took it home.  I would have lost it when the spider nests appeared – yuck!!

After a really good brushing and bath, she noticed that the bottom was rotten, the trim was missing at the bottom of one stack of drawers and the top needed sanding – badly!  (Story in itself – whatever was on the top wouldn’t even budge with 40 grit sandpaper!)  Enter her trusty stain and faux wood painting skills.  Hubby replaced the bottom and the trim pieces, she painted the body yellow and stenciled it for extra charm-added knobs from our new favorite store in the state and voila!

IMG_0272-001 IMG_0273 IMG_0274IMG_0275If it wasn’t overcast out there on the sun porch you would see how nice a yellow color this really is!  Amber Waves of Grain by American Paint Company

Sewing Machine Drawers! (Love them!)

Hubby found two sets of drawers recently because he knows how much I love them!  I love painting them in different colors and they are very useful to store or display smaller items.  The first two of the set sold before I could post them the other day – these are the four that are  left.


Beach Glass, Old white, Lampblack and Smoke SIgnal

Beach Glass, Old white, Lampblack and Smoke SIgnal

These are nice longer ones, too.

side view

side view

All four have a new forever home-thank you!

An Old Willamette Sewing Machine Upcycle

She lived in my garage for over 20 years; she lived in an exposed location for how many years before that?  I don’t know.  At one time I thought to restore her, even ordered quarter sawn oak veneer to replace the top surface.  But after 20+ years in my garage, I decided to repurpose her as best I could.

First – the drawers were cleaned up, painted and then sold over Facebook to a very nice lady back East.

Next, we painted the base of the machine flat black and added an antique sewing machine table top I just happened to also be storing in my garage since the original cabinet was no longer restorable.  The top piece had its own folding legs but they were never sturdy enough for my liking.  Love the carved ruler in it!  Lots of signs of use and abuse over the years but a light sanding and some fresh stain helped.


The re-purposed sewing table top

The re-purposed sewing table top

Side view of the Willlamette base

Side view of the Willlamette base

I had intended to get better pictures but she sold quickly!

The drawer holders have been re-purposed into shelves – not an original idea.  I bought a similar one years ago from a fellow vendor at a previous mall I was part of.  Mine houses my collection of miniature pottery.  I will dry brush with some white paint – someone else did some sloppy painting before I got it so it needs evened out.

drawer holders soon to be shelves

drawer holders soon to be shelves

My hubby carefully salvaged some pieces of the beautiful cabinet and has plans, I’m told.  Saved the front drawer too.

front drawer

front drawer


And the machine?  I’m not sure.  At one time she was glorious!

the machine

the machine

Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them!


Brass door to old Post Office boxes

Brass doors to old Post Office boxes

Well, I missed a few weeks-sorry!  Life interrupted but here are some awesome things the hubs just found in the garage – I had forgotten them but he says he knew they were there.

 At one time I think he thought to make banks out of them.  Now they can go to a new home where they won’t be forgotten, hopefully!  Sorry, they are not in the shop but will be appearing on Etsy soon.  Check the top of the blog and see if they are there yet.

P.S. The man has been telling me there is wonderful stuff in the garage and he’s right…..(but you don’t have to tell him I said so, please!)