As I sit here…..

waiting to see if the noise of the construction outside is going to allow me to open the doors today – I just had to share Miss Sophia’s new fall entry design.  ADORE the vintage green gate at the back and all those lovely fall flower colors!

the entry

the entry

closeup of the gate

closeup of the gate

LOVE the shape of this gate and it is vintage – stored in the rafters of a huge garage for years and years!  We simply washed the dirt off it.  Welcome Fall!

Miss Sophia’s Patina Green Table

Love this old round table with its dark stained top and Patina Green base.  Lightly distressed to age it a little, there is no leaf but at 44″ in diameter, there is plenty of room for four – 6 if they are friendly!  The original casters are on the pedestal to make it easy to move (and who doesn’t love old wooden wheels?)

GF's Patina Green pedestal - dark stained top

GF’s Patina Green pedestal – dark stained top

The Dog Days of Summer! (NOT)

From July 3 until August 11 is the official time frame for The Dog Days of Summer I see from Googling it.  I think they need to extend it this year until mid September maybe.  Ugh!  I am DONE with summer and yet there are days more of it sometimes even into October around here.  It makes me want to move back to Alaska….never thought I’d say that but the forecast there was for 40′s and rain today - and boy howdy - do we need it!

If I haven’t melted into a complete puddle, I’l l be back on Friday.   I know there are lots of places out there with higher temperatures but this is supposed to be the cool Pacific Northwest!dog_days_summer

Two Very Different Media Cabinets

Miss Sadie ( and her hubby) painted this cabinet black, removed the doors for open storage below and love the traditionally styled buffet “upcycled”.  Use it as a buffet or sideboard in your dining room or as a media cabinet  for that flat screen television!


Black Buffet/Media Center

Black Buffet/Media Center

Miss Sophia’s take on an upcycled French Provincial style stereo cabinet is below.  She painted it in APC’s Fireworks Red, added two fabulous clock face knobs, and painted out the cupboards in both Fireworks and Graphite.  Remotes have access through the wire mesh in the doors!


APC's Fireworks Red Media Cabinet

APC’s Fireworks Red Media Cabinet

And there you have two very different interpretations!

Our Newest Projects

Miss Evie and I have done a little painting (alright – to keep it honest – hubby painted the media center) in the last week.  Miss Sophia is also working on projects to be in soon.

Miss Evie’s twin bed:

Beach Glass French Provincial twin bed

Beach Glass French Provincial twin bed  ~SOLD!~


Closeup of the details

And I had a black trend going:

Love all this black!

Love all this black!  –  3 tier stand and table ~SOLD!~

and the media center/buffet:

Black Buffet/Media Center

Black Buffet/Media Center

(He did a terrific job!)

Upcoming 7th Anniversary Celebration


This Saturday, August 16, we will be celebrating seven years since we opened our doors!

We always offer refreshments that day and 20% off prices here in the shop on almost everything – we do have to exclude items already on sale and the chalk paint products.

Thank you to all our customers – old and new for making us successful!  We couldn’t – and wouldn’t want to – do it without YOU!!

Where Did July go? Happy August All!

I remember it being being VERY hot – especially for the pacific NW – and sticking close to the air conditioning in both the shop and at home for pretty much the last 2/3 of the month!  The 4th of July was fairly pleasant but this Alaska transplant suffered (as did her poor hubby) the rest of the month.  You would think after 30 years (this month!) in Oregon I would have acclimated – apparently not going to happen….

All I have to say is I owe a huge thank you to whomever invented air conditioning!

“The first modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, a skilled engineer who began experimenting with the laws of humidity control to solve an application problem at a printing plant in Brooklyn, NY.”

Thank you, Mr. Carrier!

Since it has been a bit cooler the last few days, I have been inspired to get back outdoors and do some painting!  Seems my color theme this week was  BLACK:

Black is classic!

Black is classic!

I have other, larger pieces to work on but getting several done in a short period of time is satisfying.

Have a great week, everyone!

New things in the shop

Today we have a new full size bed, a lovely three drawer dresser and a fun laundry bag!

Heirloom White Full size bed set

Heirloom White Full size bed set

Dresser painted in GF's Patina Green with a dark painted top

Dresser painted in GF’s Patina Green with a dark painted top  ~SOLD~

Wash Away Your Sins Landry Bag

Wash Away Your Sins Landry Bag

Have a terrific weekend – the last one in July!!!